Civil Litigation and Personal Injury

The firm handles a variety of litigation matters and accepts high-profile and complex cases.  Our firm’s litigation attorneys have a wide range of experience at the trial and appellate levels in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Our attorneys provide comprehensive advice to all of our clients realizing that each has different needs.  We have represented individuals and businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants. We work with our clients to provide a solution best suited for their situations. Our attorneys recognize the potential costs of litigation and pride themselves on providing excellent services at affordable prices and achieving cost-effective results.

The firm’s attorneys use negotiation, arbitration, mediation, bench trials and jury trials to resolve civil matters. We handle cases in a variety of industries, including:

● Business Law & Contract Disputes
● M.G.L.A. 93A Consumer Protection Claims
● Real Estate Disputes & Adverse Possession Claims
● Corporate, Business, and Partnership Claims
● Personal Injury
● Employment Law